About Us

Welcome to Milo Candles!

Every candle is made by hand using 100% natural hand poured soy wax. We use the very finest ingredients to carefully blend scents that can comfort, stimulate, relax, and inspire - always to create a unique atmosphere in your home. We're big fans of the environment and you'll see that from our fragrance offerings which take inspiration from both the natural world and home comforts.

We have always loved the way a scent can change your mood, set the scene, and ignite a special memory. After a long day you can light one of Milo Candle's ocean inspired scents, a zesty uplifting delight, and soothing aroma to help you unwind. Our scents are long-lasting providing our customers with heaps of fun in choosing and collecting the different tones and scents to bring back those cherished holidays, vacations, and truly magical moments spent with close family and friends.

Each order really means the world to us, and that's one of the reasons we pride ourselves on our service by including a handwritten note in each and every package. It's important to us that our customers are 100% happy with both our products, and our service.

Milo Candles is a self-made venture, founded by couple Alex and Jess. For Years Jess had creative impulse and didn't know the best way to channel them. Upon meeting Alex, he encouraged her to pursue her dream (candle making) and is so grateful for his belief in her, and for helping her to take a leap of faith. Alex has run multiple businesses since 2010, and has a huge passion for both design and technology. On a day to day basis you'll find Jess carefully hand pouring natural soy wax candles to perfection, whilst Alex designs new products for our store. As a couple we compliment each other perfectly, Jess has a huge passion for natural products, the environment, and all things natural - which Alex is able to bring to life visually with his background in design.

So... that leaves one last important question. Who on earth is Milo? We'll let you into a little secret, Milo is our 6 month old male Ragdoll cat, who verbally approves each and every candle we make by hand. Yes, that's right... we often get the "meow" of approval from Milo, especially when Jess is blending a new best-selling scent.