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About Us

Welcome to Milo Candles!


Milo Candles aims to rekindle memories of the past by awakening your sense of smell to trigger those happy times. Whether it was the enjoyment of a certain ride or just simply a wonder through a theme park with the smells that filled the air, we are passionate about bringing that memory back to life.

While Milo Candles is a small family run business, we have big ambitions and are looking forward to introducing new products for you to enjoy. Now under new ownership, we are excited to continue this journey with our valued customers.

A little about us, we have 5 children and 2 large dogs (yes we are mad). Kate has a passion for candles and Dean has a passion for business.
We both have a passion for good customer service and want all our customers to be happy with not only the amazing products, but also our first class customer service. Afterall we are nothing without our loyal customers.

Thank you for continuing on this journey with Milo and us. Hope to see you soon.

Kate & Dean