About Us

Welcome to Milo Candles!

We are a small, family run business, dreamt of, created and lovingly run by Jess and Alex. The inspiration and motivation for putting all of our love and effort into our range of candles comes from the realisation that through our sense of smell we can travel back in time. To cherished holidays, to wonderful times spent in magical places with family and friends. Scents and aromas are also the best way to transform the atmosphere and ambience of your room or house. They can help you unwind, can perk you up, or simply let you drift away to far off shores.

It is that knowledge, coupled with our love of the environment – both in helping to protect it, but also in taking inspiration from it – that has made Milo Candles what it is today. Every single candle is made by hand using 100% natural, hand poured soy wax. Every scent is created from only the purest, natural ingredients, specifically and lovingly selected and blended to create individual long-lasting aromas, atmospheres and memories.

We also understand that a business is not just about its products. It is about the service, the little extras that makes them stand apart, stand above everyone else. That is why every one of our orders comes with a handwritten note.

And that leaves just one final question. Who on earth is Milo? We'll let you into a little secret, Milo is our adorable ragdoll cat, who is always the first to give his verbal seal of approval to each of Jess’s newly created masterpieces.

Thanks for dropping by, we hope to see you soon.

Jess, Alex and Milo.